Slaughter on suspicion: Vermont
Slaughter on suspicion: foot-and-mouth disease
Slaughter on suspicion: British BSE
Slaughter to boost consumer prices: EU
French scrapie strain matches human sporadic CJD
Queniborough cluster blamed on traditional butchery practices
Dr. Richard Lacey: how the British responded to expert scientific input
EU declines to exempt Canada and US from mad cow import restrictions
US restaurants face shortage of ribs
British supermarket will test beef with Prionics
Global TSE News
Genetically modified foods

Has cause of Queniborough cluster been found?
FDA: one tough little regulatory agency
Which countries are really testing for BSE?
McDonald's to require US feed compliance
Comparison of epidemics: BSE vs Foot-and-Mouth Disease
BSE risk in allergy shots: FDA weighs the risk
nvCJD toll hits 95
Voices of America
Mutton processor back in business
Clinic tests breast milk for mad cow disease
CWD to cattle: definite but inefficient transmission
Casein milk protein, not bovine casings, on some tuna labels.

Ottawa scientists censored
UK drug company's nvCJD infected drug causes chaos in Spain
Health supplement industry seeks cure for sagging sales
Drug encapsulation industry working to address gelatin fears
BSE: Still searching for answers
Denmark confirms 4th mad cow case
Mad cow risk in US tiny but real
Vermonters plan protest over 'mad cow' sheep seizure

Who is doing what in diagnostics?
Food, Agri-Biz Stocks on Mad Cow Watch
Mad cows could be in Canada but not detected: scientists
Mad Cow disease alert in Thailand
Geographical risk assessment for Botswana, Lithuania, Namibia, Nicaragua and Swaziland
FDA, Red Cross preparing blood donor bans
Mad cow rules threaten Spanish bullfighting
Washington's biggest slaughterhouse under fire for inhumane tactics

BSE fears lead to cosmetics ban for 13 countries
Britain sells nvCJD blood to 11 countrie
nvCJD: just a matter of time for US?
At least 100 states at risk from BSE, U.N. says
"America denies having BSE, but has yet to prove it": New Scientist
Will richer countries pay for 3rd world eradication?
Elk herd with disease similar to mad cow found in Oklahoma
Health Canada: politics, not safety, motivated Brazilian beef ban
Concern about vaccines and mad cow disease
Sporadic CJD said grossly under-reported in US
Organic farming could slow mad cow disease, EU says

Bogus BSE in Brazil?
Going global: resurgence of disease in Europe raises concerns in U.S.
Might Canada have a wee bit of import risk itself?
US exported live scrapie to Brazil shortly before banning Brazilian beef
DoD says troops in Europe safe from Mad Cow
70 countries named by the British as bone meal importers
nvCJD soaring: 6 new cases, 6 more suspected
First Spanish nvCJD case?
Appeal filed in Vermont sheep case
Mad cow risk strikes fear down on ranch
Mamba chewy candy and Texas feed lot: the follow-up

Globalization of BSE: Britain puts 69 countries at risk
Texas quarantines 1,221 cattle exposed to ruminant feed
Mad-cow crisis affecting diets, jobs in Europe
McDonald's blames profit drop on mad cow disease
US panel recommends filtering all donated blood
CJD right to know on surgical tool risk
Portugal begins slaughter of 50,000 cattle
Maine tests for mad cow disease
South Korea impounds Canadian elk antler velvet
CWD found in wild deer in Nebraska
Canadian water buffalo prevail in court
Organic farming: from niche satus to oasis of safety

FDA warns livestock feed makers
Irish BSE scare cattle cull begins
Organ donors face new screening
German investigation on BSE mistakes gets under way
Finland bans blood
European cosmetics banned in Asia
Scientist says mad cow tests not infallible
Farm lobby to lose influence
British test confirm case of mad cow in Denmark
A price to pay as autopsies lose favor

Mad cow concerns prompt tracking system for Canada
French minister: no country is safe
A small Swiss company takes on mad cow disease
FDA may exclude CWD-exposed hunters from blood donation
European nations start mad cow testing programs
France begins screening older cattle for BSE
300 dead cattle dumped in Spanish mine
Canada spreads scrapie sludge on fields
USDA priorities: bovine byproduct imports or bashing Vermont sheep?
Germany found first cases in 1989-91 says professor
Intensive farming may pose health risks -- nutritionist

U.S. eyes reducing mad cow risk from vaccines
FDA discloses bovine import issues
50 state conference call on TSEs: 9 Jan 01
UN: Mad Cow goes global
Germany rejects EU charge it bungled mad cow scare
CWD spread to Rawlings: Elk Refuge feeding on verge of collapse
French nvCJD: officials "acted in good faith"
Germany to test sheep for mad cow disease
Japan imposes ban on European beef imports
Australia offal sales boom
Dutch say German beef posed BSE risk for years
Austria bullish on enforcing ban on German beef
Bizarre report on ABC Nightline

UN health authority says BSE may have spread to countries worldwide
Mad Cow: San it happen to U.S.?
Could mad-elk be in antlers? Group wants to stop sale of velvet
Germans fear the "wurst" but can't stop eating it
German Greens call for dissolution of farm ministry
France probes mad cow manslaughter charges
Five Britons guilty in huge ontaminated poultry scam
BBC urges Britons to eat human placenta, calf brain, and oxtail soup
France to test 20,000 animals a week for mad cow
Germany forced to recall sausage with mad cow risk
Japan to ban EU beef, processed beef products

US bans UK bone meal imports ... on 6 Dec 00
Mad Cow USA: Could the Nightmare Happen Here? -- full text online!
CWD and elk velvet antler health products
Officials kill 1,700 in mad elk herds to stop spread of CWD
Fourth BSE case confirmed in Germany
Spreading BSE waste on agricultural lands -- MAFF's worst case scenario
Austrian minister calls for ban on German beef imports
Throw-away surgical tools in Britain to cost billions
Mad cow disease waning in Europe: meat safe -- experts
Should the UK have had a whole-herd cull policy?
Secrecy over BSE debates may end
Irish polio vaccine from nvCJD blood donor: 83,500 children exposed
Dioxin from beef incineration

Chicken's head found in fast food order
About 2 out of 1,000 "at-risk" cows actually have mad cow disease
Japan bans EU imports of animal-based feed in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Fears of new human mad cow' cluster as two men die
German scientists test soil for possible bse link
Companies to work on diagnostics
Origin of Azores' first mad cow case in doubt
France to remove all injured cattle from food chain
France picks secret sites for banned animal feed

Extraordinary imagery
nvCJD monthly statistics for December 2000: 2 new cases
Iceland's experience with soil contaminatin and scrapie eradication
Half measures: Mad cow test results may be unreliable
Crohn's Disease -- another disease you can catch from cows?
Stop factory farming and end BSE, UK scientists say
Sweden soothes fear of possible 'mad cow' outbreak
EU Agrees on Tough Measures for Mad Cow Disease
Europe's move on BSE: mountains of lethal waste
EU meat meal industry wants handout to survive ban
Louisiana man exposed to fatal malady sues hospital

CWD game meat from USA and Canada: lack of import controls
1,500 elk destroyed in hopes of eradicating CWD infection
Hunt farms voted out of Montana
Game farm rules argued pro and con in Montana
Big game, big business
Montana hunters blast game farms
Colorado wildlife agency: CWD problems are political>
Montana game farm ballot initiative
Biologists say hunters should beware of CWD brain disease
Mad Deer and Elk -- Any Relevence to Oregon Hunters?
Index to CWD articles on this site

Mad cow victims' behavior changes
Mad cow confidence crisis spreads in Europe
BSE-free Austria sceptical on total meal ban
France says no proof of post-1996 mad cow case
German BSE hotline collapses from too many callers
EU scientists judge national bans on French beef
Another meat scandal; horses had better watch out
Farmer compensation needed in BSE fight
Waste plant BSE drums moved as danger probe goes on
BSE ground contamination?

First nvCJD case in Germany?
Germany to fight mad cow disease
Mad cow putting spin on French food
UK ready to ban French beef
Big Swiss supermarkets to test cattle for BSE
French may flood Britain with `risky beef', warn Tories
No country safe -- Byrne
Meal ban too expensive (BSE must be tolerated) -- Fischler
German consumers wary of beef after mad cow scare
Mad cow fears paralyse Spanish slaughterhouses

Azores, Germany: confirmed BSE
Better diagnosis and cleaner blood coming?
Will Europe ban bone meal in all applications?
Europe may face British-style BSE epidemic
Germany cabinet to study ban on animal-based feed
Third French family to launch madcow law suit
McDonald's faces crisis over contaminated beef
Welsh lamb producers report European sales loss
Canadian crackdown: Vermont sheep owners find they are not alone
Mad Cow hotline rings off the hook in France
Hong Kong beef lover dies from human form of mad-cow disease

Import ban on Canadian beef and pork?
US staggering under CWD epidemic in deer and elk
CJD fears could lead to UK red blood donor ban
BSE response: Finland, Germany, Denmark, ...
Swiss firm welcomes EU move to more BSE tests
2.15 million tons soymeal needed if EU does cannabalism ban
The nvCJD connection in South Yorkshire
If you want to help the cattle breeders, eat beef -- Glavany
Beef watchdog branded `toothless' on French mad cows
Spain reports first case of mad cow disease
Forget mad cows, what about mad pigs? - French city of Lyon

nvCJD toll: central figure revised upwards to 250,000
Fourth person in France may have mad cow disease
French lawsuit filed as mad cow scare grips
Mad cow disease rears its ugly head in Europe
300,000 pigs in the same building: Holland
Minister challenged on French beef safety
Top French chefs unaffected by mad cow fears
Italy bans French adult cattle, beef-on-bone imports
France to store banned animal feed at army sites
MacDonald's bans GM food used for meat

BSE and nvCJD and zoo cases by year and country
France to ban all animal-based feed
BSE test for all older cattle in the EU
Italy's health minister says people should eat without fear
Human vaccine prepared in animal brains
UK government efforts to sabotage Dealler
British embargo on French beef sought
3rd lion dies of BSE
Windfall profits for US soybean exports?

French minister wants moratorium on meat/bone meal
Lively youth, 19, "turned into a vegetable"
Prion disease - dormant but deadly
nvCJD victim loved burgers and meatballs, inquest told
Inquiry Report: very British
Swiss shun blood donors from Britain in BSE scare
Mad cow clusters
Mad cow waste disappears from waste plant
Britain faces nvCJD compensation claims by French
EU Commission wants huge increase in mad cow testing

Cannabalism on the chopping block?
Report fails to deal with real villains of British Food Debacle
Surveillance Unit delaying admission of new nvCJD cases?
Mass slaughter of sheep under consideration
Current uses of mammalian blood in feed and food
France's Chirac wants meat/bone meal ban in feed
nvCJD death in Norway?
Vermont sheep: USDA must pay for error
Canada chases water buffalo
Common pesticide found to produce Parkinson Disease
Industry goes on global offensive against toxics activists
BSE in polio vaccine: Australia doesn't care

2 die on same street in Doncaster
Wrinkle creams exposed women to BSE: "ladies are rubbing cow brain and placenta onto their faces"
74 years old, confirmed nvCJD: experts confounded
Millions watch death of Zoe Jeffries on TV
TV-audio clip of Judge Phillips (off-site, requires RealAudio; recommended highly)
Ag Minister: death toll "may be much, much larger"
Hear, hear: Lacey put up for Knighthood
A culture of secrecy that risked our lives
British hid BSE danger from Scots, 4 dead
Business as usual: MAFF and FSA already thumbing nose at Inquiry on calf offal
France considers flat ban on animal material in livestock feed

Whitewash: Inquiry buckles to establishment pressure
Online full text of BSE Inquiry Report
Inquiry sleaze -- eyewitness account
TV shows dying child's nvCJD agony
Names of nvCJD victims released
Massachusetts nvCJD case claimed
Cause discovered at Queniborough?
No more secrecy, pledges food agency chief
French stand firm on British beeF
French paper hails British openness over BSE
CJD surgical incident at New Orleans Tulane HCA exposes 8 subsequent patients

BSE Inquiry: Meldrum indicted on 35 counts, thirty officials criticized
Youngest nvCJD case slipping: onset age 11
Hundreds more exposed to nvCJD appendectomy scalpels and dental tools
France: mad cow meat sold to shops
nvCJD toll accelerating: 42 predicted for next 12 months
Massive compensation package for nvCJD families?
Polio vaccine recalled over BSE fears
CWD draft federal regs: input wanted
FDA knew of Medeva vaccine horror, still okayed for US.

Inquiry blasts ministers and civil service
New admission: 30,000 exposed to UK plasma
BSE blood went to 660,000,000 pounds of cattle feed
Compensation for nvCJD ... or just for cows?
BSE risk to US vaccines: FDA committee indifferent
FDA: a culture of corruption
Eyeopening web site on vaccine risks
US geneticist slaughters Yanomamos in vaccine experiment
Crohn's disease: another bovine disease cover-up
Fifth Queniborough death linked to nvCJD
Water buffalo claimed Canadian risk

Blood donors feared to have spread CJD
Mother passes on CJD to unborn baby
Inquiry report due out in two weeks
Youngest case ever: 12
BSE in cow born after feed ban: detailed report
CJD and the mortuary profession
Australia set to ban blood donors with British links
Crohn's disease now blamed on milk
Japan admits to bad dura mater: lot numbers published

Rapidly rising death toll from human BSE
BSE Inquiry report criticises ex-Tory ministers
BSE offals used in cosmetics, toiletry industry
40,000 human heart valves a year from BSE herds
Canada bars blood from visitors to France
BusinessWeek blames imports for bio-invasions
USDA weakens rules for salmonella in school lunch beef
US: feces, vomit on raw meat a growing risk
Vermont: Senator Leahy claims Belgium covering up sheep
France: three new cases of mad cow disease discovered

USDA rejects Belgian request to return Vermont sheep
APHIS: still chasing virinos after all these years
CWD to cattle, CWD to human: update
Game farmers fight Montana initiative to outlaw
Disease may wipe out elk industry
More mad cow cases in France this year than ever
Health care workers: 7% of Slovakian sporadic CJD
England worried briefly about infecting other countries
Damning BSE Inquiry report adds to Tory woe

USDA rejects Belgian request to return Vermont sheep
APHIS: still chasing virinos after all these years
CWD to cattle, CWD to human: update
Game farmers fight Montana initiative to outlaw
Disease may wipe out elk industry
More mad cow cases in France this year than ever
Health care workers: 7% of Slovakian sporadic CJD
England worried briefly about infecting other countries
Damning BSE Inquiry report adds to Tory woe

Vermont sheep still grazing as lawyers reach deal
Vermont: why USDA won't do further tests
Vermont farmers ready to pay to save mad sheep
Mother of two may have died of nvCJD; total nvCJD reaches 82
Farmer loses court fight to save prize cow
Norwegian BSE suspected
Bovine bone used as human plasma substitute
Food supplements with raw animal parts: not what this doctor ordered
More House of Lords questions
British cases of human mad cow disease rise to 79
Study to 'rule out' BSE link to milk
Plan drawn up to avert food panic if BSE found in sheep

U.S. judge rules USDA can slaughter Vermont sheep
Vermont trial: in depth coverage
EU experts assess risk of mad sheep disease
Injectible products - House of Lords queries
EU experts say mad cow risk ``cannot be excluded'' for US, Canada
Value of beef exports plunges by 99%
Scientists warn of mad cow risk in dental surgery
Hospital worker: glands taken from bodies without consent
Age trends in nvCJD

Vermont: sheep trial finishes up
Flock of trouble
Dietary herbs may have contaminated animal tissue
Deaths tied to mad cow disease on the rise
nvCJD: was it the food or the vaccines?
English study BSE in sheep and goats
French detect yet another new case of mad cow disease
Health ministry previously warned of dura mater
House of Lords: signficant new nvCJD information emerges

Fear, uncertainty, doubt about sheep BSE
Prusiner study escalates sheep concerns
What is a "validated test" for TSE anyway?
She said, he said: is the Rubenstein western blot validated?
Who, what, where is Staten Island lab?
CJD epidemic waiting to happen
Vermont sheep get another week: courtroom scene confused
Sweetening the pot: government offers more money in Vermont
Other US BSE risks: the imported products picture
Former elite athletes could carry CJD
nvCJD suspected in woman's death

Vermont: unvalidated western blot goes on trial
The latest from Vermont
That sheep may safely graze
Sick mice point to sheep link in mad cow disease
Scrapie diagnosed in one Montana ram
Deaths from human BSE reveal "statistically significant rising trend"
Woolly thinking: BSE in American sheep?
BSE alarm after cow's head is found on sale
Future uncertain for reliable nvCJD screening tests
Proper disposal of non-regulated prion-polluted medical waste

Vermont sheep get all-clear from England
Carrot-and-stick deal for Vermont sheep
U.S. to kill Vermont sheep over 'mad cow' fears
Cheese seized at farmhouse but left on store shelves
Accereration in nvCJD caseload
Baby food firms deny mad cow risk
Rabies vaccines made in sheep brain
Farm groups assure U.S. consumers meat safe from BSE
BSE waste spread on fields: contamination risk said `negligible'
Test shows 9 of 81 elk at Philipsburg, Montana game farm had CWD

Mad sheep seizure in Vermont
BSE sheep: a rush to judgement?
Mad sheep: send 'em back where they came from
The Queniborough cluster
American nvCJD involved in Queniborough cluster?
10,000 tonsils in Leicestershire to be checked
School meals linked to CJD deaths
Stop the madness: CWD threatens Wisconsin's elk and ultimately people
How CWD spreads from Colorado
Montana to ban new game farms
CWD research update
Queniborough cluster 1, 2

nvCJD reaches 81 in 3 countries unselected autopsy series
CJD girl's mother warns of `nightmare waiting to happen
BSE case raises new fears over transmission
Patient of Possible Mad Cow Disease Dies in Venezuela
EU adopts ban on BSE-risk cattle tissues
Four herds killed as France reports new BSE cases
Meat with scab, pus and tumors is OK, USDA say
Acquiring CJD from blood transfusions:a systematic review

Renewed fears for baby of CJD mother
Irish farmer jailed for mad cow fraud
Blood: infectivity of buffy coat in new variant CJD
Imported BSE cases
Global BSE infection: it's official
Fish farmers get mad cow warning
Sick, hungry cows taken to market on way to incinerator
French officials to begin mad cow screening program
Eighth annual report of CJD Surveillance Unit
High risk tissues finally to be removed
Mad Cow Remains Fuel Power Station
US eye surgeons reuse blades

Chronic wasting disease transmits to humans
Montana moves to eliminate game farm slaughter
A wonder drug that carried the seeds of death
Donor tissues: 600,000 uses a year with no CJD screening
Tissue imports pose hazards
Role of immune system in prion disease unravelled
BSE -- the epidemic continues
Europe refuses US hormone-treated beef
More tainted feed found in Belgium
French food safety agency backs ban on cow intestines

CWD: deer-to-human transmission data released
John Stauber: Could 'mad cow type epidemics happen in the US
Lancet appendix study appears
House of Lords: the questions continue
Secret Keele meeting: bizarre details emerge
'Mad cow' rule cuts Tucson blood donations
Britain dismisses new BSE transmission fears
French Ban On British Beef Could Be Lifted In 2002
Parkinson's and pesticides: home bug spray may increase Parkinson's risk
Human BSE Foundation update

Two million children innoculated with BSE vaccines
Baroness tested for CJD
CDJ tonsil study fails to answer key question
Backgrounder: what motivated tonsil and appendix study?
BSE 'to die out in seven years' (or go on via cow patties)
EU adopts tougher controls against mad cow disease
French officials report two new cases of mad cow disease
Saskatchewan CWD elk death sparks herd quarantine
10 Australian surgery patients exposed to CJD instruments
New disease passed by blood transfusions
Dead bodies harvested for parts and tissues
American, 39, dies of dura mater implant
Tonsil news

Tonsil tests: minimum of 400,000 nvCJD cases
House of Lords probe of nvCJD
House of Lords debates 'sizeable nvCJD epidemic'
Minister warns of wait on CJD facts
Evidence of a CJD epidemic may still be missed
Tragic time in Japan: 100,000 Japanese received dura mater
French farmers furious at feed makers
EU to propose compulsory mad cow disease tests
Butchers face new rules on meat

French minister warns of possible "mystery" cause for BSE
French farm minister denies concealing BSE find
French `mad cow' issues anger farmers
France to maintain embargo on British beef due to disease uncertainties
British politicians, food firms call for French BSE probe
Portugal discovers mad cow case in imported Danish cow
Farmers ignore law by failing to report scrapie
Rare brain illness claims American, 28
EU widens ban on animal feed production from sludge
US blood banks fear UK ailment: spread of `mad cow disease'
Body parts of Britons in US prisons to be salvaged

Pressure for earlier detection grows over fear of explosion in CJD cases
'Cannibal' feed still given to UK calves
Husband helpless as wife died in agony
EU calls for compulsory mad cow testing
Herd of 112 destroyed after new mad cow case in France
French farmers sue feed praoducers over mad cow disease
France to hold tender next week for mad cow test
Huamn infant nvCJD: the hospital's story
Vaccine raised as issue for early onset
Farmers want 200 million for maintenance of British countryside.

BSE in sheep: huge cull planned
'Declaration of Emergency because of Scrapie in the United States'
USDA to slash meat inspectors
Scrapie eradication: the speculation continues
"We need to get prions out of the food chain."
EU blood donors face travel check; albumen use pushed
France announces mad cow testing program
French cattle herds destroyed after mad cow finds
EU plans tougher controls on animal feed
UK Insurers to DNA test for genetic illnesses
Bovine brain and pituitaries: how wholesome are they?

Tonsil test delays
15 new nv CJD cases announced
Full text of DoH/SEAC announcement
nvCJD case: hospital sets up helpline for mothers
We sentenced Rachel to death, say CJD girl's parents
Village lives in fear of the 'dust of death'
Pig farmers go to court for BSE aid
Germany bows to BSE-beef imports
Pithing of cows, sausage casings banned in France
Organs taken from 800 children without parental permission
CWD deer, elk not wasting Utah hunters

nvCJD confirmed in newborn
Should they be told: other exposed British mothers
Girl, 15, becomes latest 'mad cow' victim
US blood ban kicks in
Red Cross: UK Travel/Residence Deferral: Questions and Answers
Monthly CJD statistics
Japan pulls Danish thrombin

First nvCJD baby feared as surge in cases is forecast
Three further nvCJD case reports from Leicestershire
Pigs with BSE
Wurst case scenario
First confirmed case of BSE in a Danish-born cow
Portugal frets over possible nvCJD case
8th vache folle in France
Swiss give ok to tainted blood
Inquiry statement of mother [, Ms Jean Crowe]
Half of US cattle harbor toxic E. coli strain

Oprah, Lyman vindicated by US Court of Appeals
Pituitaries taken from dead Irish children without parental consent
BSE not dropping in Ireland
nvCJD death toll: 14,000 minimum
Washington gets tough on scrapie
France Under Fire Over Mad Cow Precautions
Mystery disease kills eight Belgian cows
US beef producers still using illegal hormone DES
Illegal hormones used on Olympic hopefuls
Emerging infectious diseases of wildlife

Woman, daughter: nvCJD suspected
Montana CWD: rooting out chronic wasting disease
Search for CWD from Montana extends to Missouri, Oklahoma
BSE - Belgium
Germany delays moves to lift UK beef ban
Embalmer catches TB from corpse
Canadian blood ban to kick in?
Carcass composting
German govt proposes ending British beef ban?
Prionics sets record straight

France to introduce mad cow disease tests in February
Prion inactivation: what works?
Blood infectivity issues reviewed
Algeria rejects German cows over bovine herpes virus
Rachel #683: Mad Cow Disease And Humans
Student dissertation on prion disease
Mystery of blood-brain barrier unlocked
Beef-on-bone to be sold again

Millions at risk from CJD, say EU scientists
Rise in CJD cases is real -- British Medical Journal
A 21st century plague?
Tainted products dumped on poor Romania
Montana CWD: 3 of 80 elk on game farm infected
Four more mad cow disease cases found in Switzerland
USDA announces $100 million sheep relief package
US meat eaters don't want labels -- USDA
Scientist reports novel approach for brain diseases
Tainted blood acknowledged in Netherlands
Scientists fear antibiotics contaminating drinking water

Solid evidence for blood infectivity
Distribution of prions in normal adult blood
FDA concerns with TSE agents and safety of biologics.
Prions found on udders, skin
Gambetti won't eat CWD venison, Schonberger would
False alarm on Cordelia Gummer
France and EC face legal battle over beef
Top BSE official forced to step down