Belgian meat tainted by dioxin
CJD worries prompt UK warning on contact lenses
French put red ox blood in red wine
FDA under pressure on GM foods
Sugar made with cow bone char
Phase II of BSE Inquiry kicks in
Genetically modified banned until 2002
EU scientific group validates 3 BSE tests
Irish case of nvCJD: further details
NIH allocates funding by burden of disease

FDA votes 12 to 9: no more nvCJD blood
BSE inquiry evidence to remain secret for 30 years
CJD: falling through the crack
Funeral home preserves cells for posthumous testing
Belgium knowingly poisoned Europe with dioxin-laden eggs and pork
Dioxin and the precautionary principle
Kuru update
Canada: recommendation on donor deferral policy by mid-June
!6 year old in Japan, dura mater

Press intimidated -- NY Times
Scientists no closer to effective CJD screening
BSE Inquiry report delayed until next year
The rest of the cow
More dialysis centers reporting problems, says FDA
Northern Ireland beef exports suspended
Guideline for preventing transmission of prion diseases.
Wales and Scotland move to scrap UK beef ban
Jay Whitlock, 27, deer hunter
NEJM: meat products linked to CJD
Smuggling of fetal bovine serum BSE Inquiry gives in to lawyerly delays

Britain's exports of BSE-infected zoo animals
America's imports of BSE-infected zoo animals
Chimps eaten in Brussels restaurant
Dating unpublished zoo BSE
Narang's nvCJD victim list
What offal ban? -- testimony of AJ Fleetwood
Zoo people: contact information
Earlier articles on zoo animal TSE
British zoos did save primate samples

Official USDA estimate of BSE in downer cows
The USDA's secret scrapie non-survey
Hunkering down in the APHIS BSE Situation Room
FDA Warns About Dialysis Blood
Tainted hormone-free beef dispute heats up
Eugene, Oregon CJD cluster
CWD in Oregon: worried hunters
CWD trophies -- a worry for taxidermists?
CWD in Arkansas?: no IHC testing
Nonsensical bacteria proposal funded
EU's Fischler asks US to analyse science in beef row
20 cases of BSE on organic farms: chicken manure?

June 86 nyala, June 87 gemsbok TSE but Sept 88 publication
More delays for"veterinary political reasons"
Sordid events at Central Veterinary Laboratory
A week of monkey business at Marwell
Under-diagnosis of CWD in elk: 10/17 infected
Show me the obex of the medulla oblongata
Zoo animals in the US -- what happens with the dead ones?
Fax numbers and questions to ask zoos
Non-primate zoo animals with TSE: quick references
British jerk around US researchers

French primate disaster
Mad Cow Disease Seen in French Zoos: NY Times
Backgrounder on plagues of biblical proportion, Armegeddon
Acknowledged cases of BSE in zoo animals
Endangered primates species and their breeding programs
Zoos in England and France
Which zoos hold which primates and how many?
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...The Primate Gallery: comprehensive imagery
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...Mad Deer Disease (CWD): spread from a contaminated facility

VA study dodges nvCJD blood issue
"Occasional blood donations may contain infectious agent" ... Paul Brown
EU to carry out check for madcow disease in sheep
Europeans don't want Frankenstein foods
U.S. to tighten controls on hormone-free beef
US blasts EU on beef delays
Portugal BSE cases at 216 a year rate
nv CJD to 41 cases
Dietary sSupplements For Alzheimer's Disease debut
First cloned goats to produce blood product

Hemophiliacs demand plasma information
Abatoir worker's medical notes found in street
BMJ study finds no occupational risk
EU wants talks with US on beef labeling
BSE in Switzerland--the past and the present.
Cattlemen attack billboard
Genentech: $50 million fine for illegally marketing growth hormone
After 'Mad Cow' Scare, Uganda to Resume Importing

Doug McEwen dies; family fears another blood-borne disaster
Hemophiliacs fear blood quarantine lifted prematurely
Obituary for Doug McEwen
Funeral workers fear mad cow disease
Beef hormone label unacceptable, US cattle group says
Mild cognitive impairment?

Human mad cow disease presents 'grim outlook' -- Lancet
nvCJD deaths -- why use a lagging indicator?
More nvCJD families to sue
Dairy growth hormone warning given
Kent nvCJD cluster found statistically significant
Arkansas food-disparagement bill
U.S. groups to seek animal antibiotics ban
French press scathing about blood trial verdict
Hepatitis vaccine scare: soldiers exposed to mad cow disease
EU says ``mad cow'' milk should not be drunk
Celsus "BSE Test" for heparin: picomole sensitivity?

Cattle injected with pooled pituitary extracts
BSE contaminated vaccine stocks used on humans through 1996
Sheep brain vaccine in Italy causes outbreak of 'mad goat' disease
Swiss BSE surveillance getting results
Slaughterhouse workers throw meat inspector into offal pit
Pentosan fact sheet
Immunoglobulin short supply blamed on CJD and exports
EU says unlikely to open beef market by deadline
New mad cow case takes French total to 56
French blood case ends with only one conviction

Another young deer hunter down
Surgery linked to increased risk of sporadic CJD
nvCJD cases reach 39
Nannying' beef ban has attracted barrage of criticism
Scrapie in Idaho, Washington
79 Cases of BSE Confirmed in Irish Cattle
SEAC agonizes over cheek meat and tongues
Not much case for beef-on-bone ban
NY Times: Weighing mad cow risks in American deer and elk
Update on blood withdrawalsBR> Human growth hormone marketing

Sterilizing surgical instruments: new problem emerges
$600 million spent to slaughter British cattle for 'mad cow disease'
Improved testing of old blood bank samples
MAFF lawyers delay second phase of BSE inquiry.
Weekend of protest against beef on bone ban
Irradiated red meat process approved by USDA
Listeria contamination at Minnesota milk packaging plant
Editor fired from AMA journal blasts organization
Genetically modified food: whistleblower validated
France's Herve denies negligence in AIDS trial

Homicide charges for officials in French blood scandal
Red Cross politics: Elizabeth Dole's PR machine vs. reality
Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman
Renderers flout S.E.A.C. ban on liquid waste dumping
BSE Inquiry: draft factual accounts
Ministers unveil recipe for food safety watchdog
Another 6 months of bone ban
EU Inspectors await overdue invitation
6 members quit SEAC

Scientists question blood safety
Canadian government sued for allowing use of tainted blood from U.S.
US visitors to Britain may not make acceptable blood donors
Add yourself to CDC and FDA petitions
Teenage CJD victim inquest: 43rd nvCJD victim announced
USDA says largest meat recall in U.S. history underway
Britain details the start of its 'mad cow' outbreak
Spain's bullfights threatened by BSE
Breeding out scrapie at home
Plough-to-plate food scrutiny will cost 120m
Brussels spin doctors told truth must often be hidden
Test yourself for early Alzheimer's

Mad deer, mad elk: sources, definitions, and diagnosis
CWD Video
Successful transmission of CWD to primate and goat
State-by-state update on CWD: 27 Jan 99
States sorry they ever allowed game farms
US Animal Health Association (USAHA) meeting of 8 Oct 98
CWD in captive elk: Guidelines for monitoring and eradication
CWD policies: Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, and Canada
Links to CWD stories archived elsewhere on this site
Contact information: CWD officials and scientists
Abstracts on Medline concerning CWD
Reindeer/scrapie policy based on CWD research

Kodak grinds cow remains, cuts costs to the bone
Blood Safety and Screening Conference 21 Feb 99
Surgeons fear scalpels could pass on CJD
NY Times: Britain's cow illness issue in donating of blood
British scientists develop diagnostic test for CJD
Hemophiliac files lawsuit over hepatitis C infection
Meat Industry `must pay for BSE checks'
New Scientist editorial: Choose ignorance
30 million pounds of hot dogs recalled for listeria

Tracie McEwen account
Deseret News update
USA Today update
Public meeting on 20 Jan 99
Lancet: New CJD fears after more disease in tonsils
Lancet tonsil article: case count up to 40
Blood money: The US blood supply suddenly safe again
Canada to sell McEwen blood
How unusual is CJD onset at age 29?

US citizen groups initiate 'Mad Cow' legal actions
Shocking quotes from CDC
American groups file petition at FDA 6 Jan 98
Second petition to CDC filed 6 Jan 1998
Texas cattlemen make top 10 PR blunder list
Another BSE case in Holland
Early diagnosis of Alzheimer
Pentosan stops scrapie, may help with CJD-research

nvCJD cases up estimated 30% in 1998
US military blood donors: first-hand account
Worst year yet for diagnosed cases of BSE in Ireland
Change in disease status of Liechtenstein because of BSE
FDA urged to defer donations by UK residents
UK haemophilic patients ok so far
500 delegates attend secret meeting in Brussels
BSE Inquirey: "Draft Factual Accounts"
Beef on the bone decision to be based on health
2,837,582 cattle slaughtered so far; 173,126 confirmed BSE cases