'Compelling' evidence that BSE causes nvCJD
Ten new nvCJD cases raise fears of cattle-cull fraud
Rush to stock shelves as beef-on-bone ban ends
More nvCJD cases found in France
EU gives France 5 days to justify UK beef ban
Delays in beef labelling
Lord Phillips: human mad cow deaths `could be tip of iceberg'
Elk game farm shut down
American trafficking in wild elk
81 CWD elk in dumsters awaiting decision
Swiss Browns: accidently bred for BSE?

Pediatric CJD: the youngest cases
Cadaver corneal transplants -- without family permission
US to restrict sheep movement
Ban on bovine brain, spinal cord, eyes in cosmetics?
Beef on bone back
Slaughter procedure worries
FDA waffles on 'mad cow disease' blood-screening
Unlabeled, Untested and You're Eating it
Doctors sue USDA over phony food pyramid
UK food scares boost organic sales 40 percent

Girl, 13, could be youngest BSE
Eyewitness account of BSE Inquiry
TSEs in blood
Further French BSE, but no further UK imports
French are right in beef war, saY CJD families
US pushing livestock too hard
USDA seeks sheep slaughter over BSE
Genome of radiation-resistant bacterium probed
Another British lion dead from BSE
Blood donor ban in New Zealand

Montana elk confirmed with CWD
Recalling cattle feed was not possible, BSE probe told
BSE feed sold to third world countries for 9 years
Beef ban chronology
EU blasts France over sewage in animal feed
Half of US cattle harbor E. coli 0157:H7
France wants pre-clinical testing; Germany to reopen beef safety talks
Swiss BSE cases born after feed ban
USDA patents TSE diagnostic test
Setback for beef hopes as EU experts fail to agree

'Hidden BSE' test could embarrass Britain
EU scientists rule British beef is safe
nvCJD: 49 confirmed cases
Wrinkle cream and cosmetics link to nvCJD
USDA crackdown on Vermont sheep
Mad Deer Disease: can venison kill you?
CJD spread from optical equipment banned
Blair rules out 'tit for tat'
EU proposes renewal of ban on cattle hormone BST
Mark Purdey continues independent research effort.

Cows fed human sewage
Vermont mad sheep furor
Maine deer examined for CWD
Utah issues warning on deer and elk consumption
BSE `may have started with single cow'
Beef brain sandwiches feared link to CJD death in Indiana
Beef brain bits in jugular
French offered taste of best British beef
Blood tests accuracy comes at a cost
Lancet dares to publish Frankenfood study

Blood test to show whether Britain faces nvCJD epidemic
Incredible French disclosures: bovine brain injections
Making vaccines from BSE sourcing: the manufacturers' right to secrecy
Americans clueless on food safety
Genetically modified food compared to nuclear power plant -- Wall Street
Federal regulators issue blanket reassurances at request of industry
CDC in denial over triple stumble
French Official: No Lift To Beef Ban
Shoppers `need more assurance over food safety'
Newspaper pooh-poohs disease fears

Dura mater from cows used in brain surgery caused CJD case
Blood test in live sheep, elk
Beef-on-bone risk is tiny - Medical Officer
Sewage sludge confirmed in cattle feed
Companies throw in the towel on Frankenstein foods
Billboards linking beef to impotence won't go up in Idaho
Portugal says EU lifting bull ban not enough
EU considers risk assessment studies for beef hormones
Blood Supply worries overblown?
Movement disorders in kuru -- the film

Family grief at CJD victim's death
Jennifer Cooke: kuru deaths continue in 1999
Family of CJD victim awarded damages
Mountains of rotting cattle discovered
Search for CJD blood test
Development of Proprietary Reagents for Diagnosis of Mad Cow Disease
Call for government action as sheep prices plummet
EU scientists: no guarantee US is BSE-Free
How a scientist obtained thousands for a BSE test he could not prove
Head blow clue to Alzheimer's
France won't import British beef just yet

FDA Restricts Blood Donations
Canada bans 6 month blood, UK residents
Blood banks fret over shortages
FDA: revised blood guidlines dated 16 Aug 99
Prions stick to stainless steel surgical instruments
US Senators push for warning labels on French wine
Religious groups push for FDA labels on Frankenstein foods
Saudi Arabia rejects South African beef citing BSE
Future costs of BSE epidemic staggering
British ranchers see long road back
Reluctant Australia considers British blood ban
Japan may join ban on British blood donors; Germany hasn't
Feed scare: EU may extend dioxin testing on Belgian exports

EU probes alleged use of sewage in French feed
Risk of BSE in vaccines revealed
CJD in third young Seattle case: ex-meat packer
Update: the human face to CJD
Jamaica bans imports of EU animal products, feeds
Growth hormone blunder may have given Britain mad cow disease
US starting to pay blood donors
Belgium Agrees To Tests on Exports
States try to halt spread of chronic wasting disease
Foot-dragging at FDA on CJD as reportable disease

BSE tests are ignored -- untested British beef exported
China suspends French wine imports, US wants labels
Germany refuses to lift ban on British beef
Additional nvCJD reported
Beef ban lifting celebrated
CDC investigates Seattle cluster
US to filter blood supply?
Risky reuse of medical equipment is on rise
Belgium In Desperate Bid To End Dioxin Scare
Growth hormone gene put in `Frankenfish'
Prion survives 15 years at 600 degrees?

TSE diagnosed in blood
British beef faces long haul back
Iatrogenic scrapie from sheep dura mater?
Storm over Canada plan for British blood ban
Elk game farms - the disgusting reality<
Crow Indians plan slaughter of migratory elk
BSE/CJD blood test by Paradigm / Prionics collaboration
Blood banks turn away tattooed donors

nvCJD official toll reaches 44 as of 31 May 1999:
Collinge warns of major CJD epidemc
New BSE chronology
CDC swipes money meant for chronic fatigue
British beef exports to resume next month
Mass cull of calves forecast
Spanish Ministry of Health bans veal, intestines, nervous tissue
Risks accumulate with cumulative sheep-dip exposure
42x dioxin levels in British infants
Frankenfoods: potato listed as pesticide

Elk CWD: Montana named as traceback state
Transcripts of June 2-3, 1999 FDA blood meeting
Officials warn of US blood shortage
Sheep cell injections 'of no benefit to children'
Germany stops testing of cows
Neurologic signs from tainted Coke in Belgium still unexplained
Cystic fibrosis: bad article on bad folding
Bovine growth hormone slipping
Artificial fingers made from cows
Hemochromatosis: suitable blood donors?