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The OMIM Morbid Map presents the cytogenetic map location of disease genes described in OMIM.
For a map organized by chromosome, see the OMIM Gene Map.
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DisorderSymbolsOMIMLocLkLocationCDS of RefSeq
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, 123400 (3)PRNP 176640* 20pter-p12 NM_000311
Crigler-Najjar syndrome, type I, 218800 (3)UGT1A, UGT1, UGT1A1, GNT1191740* Chr.2 AF056188
Crouzon syndrome with acanthosis nigricans (3)FGFR3, ACH134934* 4p16.3 NM_000142
Crouzon syndrome, 123500 (3)FGFR2, BEK, CFD1, JWS176943* 10q26 NM_000141
Cryptorchidism (2) (?)GTD306190* Xp21 NM_000475
Currarino syndrome, 176450 (3)HLXB9, HOXHB9, SCRA1142994* 7q36 NM_005515
Cutis laxa, 123700 (3)ELN130160* 7q11.2 NM_000501
Cutis laxa, marfanoid neonatal type (1) (?)LAMB1150240* 7q31.1-q31.3 NM_002291
Cutis laxa, neonatal (3)ATP7A, MNK, MK, OHS300011* Xq12-q13 NM_000052
Cutis laxa, recessive, type I, 219100 (1)LOX153455* 5q23.3-q31.2 NM_002317
Cyclic hematopoiesis, 162800 (3)ELA2130130* 19p13.3 NM_001972
Cyclic ichthyosis with epidermolytic hyperkeratosis (3)KRT1139350* 12q13 NM_006121
Cylindromatosis, familial, 132700 (3)CYLD1, CDMT, EAC605018* 16q12-q13 AJ250014
Cystic fibrosis, 219700 (3)CFTR, ABCC7, CF, MRP7602421* 7q31.2 NM_000492
Cystinosis, nephropathic (3)CTNS219800* 17p13 NM_004937
Cystinuria, 220100 (3)SLC3A1, ATR1, D2H, NBAT104614* 2p16.3 NM_000341
Cystinuria, type II (3)SLC7A9, CSNU3604144* 19q13.1 NM_014270
D-bifunctional protein deficiency (3)HSD17B4601860* 5q2 NM_000414
DECR deficiency (2) (?)DECR1222745* 8q21.3 NM_001359