7.28.96Sheep Concerns Escalate 7.28.96Massive Beef Storage Fraud Exposed
7.25.9645 Day Delay on Tainted Sheep 7.25.96
600,000 Calves must die to avert meat surplus
7.24.96Viande Francaise Expose 7.24.96Mad Sheep Panic
7.23.96EP BSE Inquiry Begins 7.23.96Sheep, Goat, Deer Offal Finally Banned
7.23.96Japan Pulls 3 Beef Medicinals7.20.96Iatrogenic CJD Lawsuit Settled
7.22.96Grain growers to pay for BSE 7.22.96US Downer Cows Update
7.17.96Beef Consumption Slumping 7.17.96Disease Update -- 18 July
7.15.96Tallow and Gelatine in trouble again 7.16.96Hoof and Mouth Disease Strikes
7.09.96US: First Meat Reform in 100 Years 7.13.96British BSE Research (or lack thereof)
7.12.96Details of Cover-Up Memo 7.12.96Organo-Phosphate Sheep Dip
7.12.96 Britain Loses in Court 7.12.96 New Alzheimer Test
7.10.96EP Parliament on BSE 7.10.96Cows Blamed for WildFires
7. 9.96Deadly Anthrax Surfaces in UK Cattle 7. 9.96Cow-to-Primate Situation Worsens
7. 8.96Horror at Birth of BSE 7. 7.96From Cow to Calf
7. 5.96French export their mad cows to UK 7. 10.96EcoSoc Opinon Paper on BSE