November 1996 General News Archive

11.23 ... Mad cow tests said flawed
Blood Bank conference talks
EU steps up BSE research funding
Prusiner suggests anti-prion therapy
Hay mites are back
Mad cow disease tests were flawed
CJD from corneal transplants
Weissmann on molecular biology of TSEs
Rare brain disorders caused by body's immune system

11.16 ... Huge ape colonies needed?
Calf slaughter
Ape colony needed for study on BSE effects
Rethink on BSE study
Renderer finds juicy contract
EU bans ostrich in fever scare
Tories succeed by one vote in debate on BSE
Computer gives Ulster BSE edge
Ministers scrape home in BSE vote
Hogg offers MPs little hope of an end to beef ban

11.11 ... Tainted beef goes to homeless
Council restores beef to school menus
Government to donate unsold beef to homeless
Mad Seagull Disease strikes
Calf slaughter appalling
Ape colony needed for study on BSE effects?
MAFF rethink on maternal transmission

11.06 ... New cattle brain disease emerges
Alert as new brain disease hits beef herds in Britain
Report on idiopathic brainstem neuronal chromatolysis (ICBN)
Another BSE in the making?
Cows mis-diagnosed as having or not having BSE

11.05 ... November Science News
Has transmission to dogs ever been tested?
Weissmann clarifies phenotype of no-prion mice
Classification of sporadic CJD
Transthyretin joins amyloid-formers (A beta), cystatin C, and prion
Doubtful prion homology proposal
Mark Purdy on organophosphates and BSE
New papers in the Veterinary Record: 11.5.96
Speculation on function of octapeptide repeat
Strain typing: cow-to-sheep is next
Is lymphatic tissue safe?
Review of GPI anchor function

11.03 ... Hard Rock Cafe beef bust
Spanish police close Hard Rock in Madrid
Paris police close Hard Rock Cafe for British beef
Paris beef police turn up English burgers
Beef: Major's timetable for lifting ban ends
Woman dies from new CJD strain
Organophosphates, warble flies, and Gulf war syndrome
BSE reporting discrepancies abroad
Father's CJD death probably related to BSE
Hogg in hint that cull may go ahead

11.01 ... Drug therapies coming?
Italian doctors find pointer to mad cow drug
Doxorubicin: recent scientific abstracts
Derivative of amphotericin B: recent abstract
Sulfated glycans, petnosan and dextrin, stimulate endocytosis of the prion protein
Flupirtine, antagonist of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA), prevents neuuronal injury

Blood test an early guide to Alzheimer's
Blood test for ataxia
Organ transplant drugs promising in Alzheimer's