October 1996 General News Archive

10.24...Reaction to Collinge strain study
Beef blamed for causing CJD deaths
Dealler on Collinge, BSE glycosylation
Known on-going research into BSE
BSE: an update on the statistical evidence.
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and public health.
Gossip from Dealler's home page
New research bolsters support for EU ban
Present safeguards 'are tight enough'
Mad Cow, Human Disease Linked
Laboratory mice carry secret of human BSE risk
Conference message: Vegetarians lead miserable lives
Farmers demand urgent action to lift ban on beef
Mad Cow Disease: Further evidence of BSE link with humans
Be grateful for BSE aid, Hogg tells farmers
Scientists find Mad Cow Disease link

10.21...BSE: Out of Africa?
Housecats rendered to pet food may recycle BSE
Out of Africa: new theory for BSE origins
Chronic Wasting Disease: Research Directions
Angry farmers take their beef to MPs
Commission seeks £15m to rescue British beef
French lamb supplies hit by BSE curbs
Tough sale: Britain promotes its meat abroad

10.21...Pet Food: Cats at risk
BSE fear for millions of British pets
Owners of pets seek BSE answers
72 house cats down from BSE
Cat food fears
Ministry did work with BSE tester Narang
Plan to destroy BSE carcasses by microwave
Two billlion allocated for BSE

10.14...Transgenic mice worries increase
Mice and human risk of mad cow disease
Of mice and men: a BSE story
Collinge Interview: commentary
Is anti-sens prion mRNA a therapy?

10.10...MAFF: Mad cows 'act of God'
Hague escapes by helicopter
MAFF: Mad cow disease an 'act of God'
£45m aid fails to placate farmers
Germany's carnivores turn to soy schnitzels
Hazards of the British diet
Bad News in the British System
British watchdog body says vegetarians alarmist
Beleaguered Hogg blames press scares
Rich farmers to get aid for long-required clean-up
Vets in Germany deny cover-up of BSE
Neuro-surgery tool horror story
Relation of JCB to foreign BSE under-reporting
Bad News in the British System

10.8.....BSE Science: Collinge Interview
John Collinge 3 hour briefing of science journalists
Strain types and prion glycosylation: commentary on Collinge briefing
Kuru: Collinge account disputed
Collinge position on mechanically separated meat questioned
Review of TSE genetic factors
CJD rates increasing in Austria
Leak: Cow to calf BSE risk is lower than thought
Science Published in newspapers -- a few minor problems
Sheep-brain rabies vaccine in India may cause CJD
New fears over cow milk and diabetes

10.7.....Farmers on warpath
Taking a beef to Bournemouth
MEPs back Britain in row with Hansch
Organophosphates in Gulf war illness
'Tory candidate doesn't stand a chance, farmers feel so betrayed'
Wives take up cudgels in BSE row
Vegetarians claim best year for converting meat eaters
Dairy cattle, slowing milk production as BSE indicator
Backlog of cattle in BSE cull more than doubles
Why I've no beef about pork fat
Major in Euro-blackmail row
Chanting farmers jostle minister in BSE protest
Farmers leaders back food agency
Hogg jostled by angry farmers at dairy show
Consumer champion aims to revive role

10.3.....No more Sheep and Goat Heads
UK Heads of Sheep and Goats Order 1996
'Tax meat-eaters' to boost grain supplies
Cattle cull creates storage problem
Chanting farmers jostle minister in BSE protest
Farmers leaders back food agency
Hogg jostled by angry farmers at dairy show
Consumer champion aims to revive role
Groupe Chez Gerard and the Carnivore Club

10.1....Big Cull Backlog
Cull backlog bigger than forecast
More cold storage sought in BSE cull
Farms face sharp fall in profits
England's farmers harvest record profit
Farmers 'betrayed' by cut in payouts for cattle cull