April 1997 Archive
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BSE and CJD News for April 1997

Indiana man's death send feed commodities lower
Corn, Soybeans Fall on Mad Cow Fear
Bogus claim of "worldwide" incidence of CJD
Variations in CJD rates: Neilson
More US surveillance needed
Is bovine spongiform encephalopathy solely food-borne?
Intimidation of researchers who threaten vested interests
Disaggregation of Alzheimer - amyloid by antibodies; prion epitopes

FDA *Draft* rule is out with a 10 day comment period.
USDA adds the Netherlands to BSE ban
News from S. Dealler's site

Butchers complain about new E. coli rules
Two suspected Creuzfeldt-Jacob cases in Crete
JCV in patients with AIDS: nothing to do with CJD
WHO, CJD, and blood donors
Blood Banks following issue
More Canadians dying from Alzheimer's than from AIDS
CWD: lab progress is slow
Secret US military BSE experiments?
Professor fears E. coli report may be shelved
Research finds root of E. coli's resistance

Government Accountability Project: off-site
Whistleblower email
FSIS Meat inspectors Home Page: off-site
The case for mad pigs in the US
Response of Dr. Janice Miller
Dietary risk factors in CJD: pork, ham, hot dogs, roast lamb, pork chops, scrapple
Sundlof not aware of histopathology slides

Mad pig press release
Add pigs to feed ban?
Mad pig disease?
Species barrier? Killer flu came from pigs
Pig genes Isolated from the Deadly 1918 Flu Virus
Original article on "Spanish" Influenza Virus
Massive disease outbreak in Taiwan pigs
New pig species found in Vietnam

Human prion compared to pig
Human prion compared to cow
Human prion compared to sheep
Pig prion compared to cow

Excerpts from Gibbs' salmon article
BSE in Salmon?
Healthy prions in fish brain.
Attack on Hogg over 6,120 land-filled cows
"No country is BSE free"
Germany says it still has no locally-born cases of BSE
Anti-inflammatory drugs may reduce Alzheimer's risk
March 1997 gossip from S. Dealler site

Death of first cat
Two dairy farmers die of CJD
100,000 veal calves eaten by mistake
BSE situation in US

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