August 1997 News Archive
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BSE and CJD News for August 1997

US News & World Report: The next bad beef scandal?
Prions: smaller and meaner than a virus
Food-borne illness sickens up to 80 million Americans each year
Burger King to launch Big Mac rival
Anthrax said to be in decline
Does USDA need power to protect meat safety?
EU Directive On BSE Will Not Affect Drugs

Squirrel brains and CJD in Kentucky
Kentucky Doctors: squirrels brain warning
Squirrel burgoo recipe (serves 25)
Doctors probe squirrel-eaters
World beef market set to recover after 1997 - WTO
Richard Rhodes: cure for E.coli is food irradiation

Victim #23: the parents' story
Vegetarian is latest victim of nvCJD
New health fears ignited
Germans eat 600 tons of smuggled BSE sausage
Big US hamburger recall prompts shortages
Americans should avoid pink burgers
Rise in badger is tuberculosis threat to cattle

New claims link CJD to water supply
CJD geographical clusters?
Interview with Clare Tomkins' family
Is beef going to be what's for dinner now?
Fear emerges in Britain of disease time bomb
Mutation could lead to more lean meat, caesarians

Questionable farm feeding practices
Feedback loop could amplify rare TSE
Egypt in mad cow uproar
U.S. to get Argentine beef; Japan, Korea refuse hoof-and-mouth disease risk
Burger King pulls Hudson burgers
Germany indiganant about report it not reporting BSE cases
EU clampdown sought as British beef scare flares

Push to build incinerators for BSE cattle
Yorkshire uses charcoal cows to purify drinking water
CJD death `caused by BSE-infected beef'
Germany probing suspected import of UK beef
USDA to inspect ground meat for bone marrow, spinal cord
US cattle renderers to sue Brussels for $100m
Semen, embryos safety questioned
Most BSE cases in Europe 'are not reported'
"Most BSE cases in Europe/US/Canada/elsewhere are not reported?"
Belgian wholesaler sents our 44 tons of mystery meat
Open Letter to David Satcher of CDC
American Red Cross responds to CJD blood donor
Making CJD a 'Reportable' disease in the US
The not-so-good old days of human growth hormone
Vegetarian Kosher gelatin
USDA surprises on food safety --Glickman audio

Plant Recalls 25 Million Pounds of Beef
Worried about beef?
Recall of Hamburger Points at Cracks in Meat Industry
Agriculture Dept. To Seek Source of Tainted Beef
Critics Question U.S. Food Safety Efforts
Hear USDA head Glickman on tape
Meat Inspectors's home page

5 million patties may be tainted
Agriculture 'SWAT team' to search plant for bacteria source
1.2 million pounds of hamburger recalled
Outside sources for meat contamination?
Hudson Foods recalls another 20,000 pounds of hamburger
Germany seizes suspected British beef
Mad cow probe into 1980s burgers risk
USDA develops new test for E. coli bacteria
E. coli cases linked to sprouts tainted by animal waste
CJD after liver transplantation

Archaeologists in food fight over cannabalism
Japan war veterans lift lid on cannabalism
Has your blood unit been recalled?
Leftover sheep parts go to landfill in Canada

Chicken-related CJD cluster documented in Arkansas
BSE Sets Agenda for Imported Gelatin
EU to discuss meat rule exemption for U.S. Sept. 8
EU weighs sparing US, others food law
EU meat safety rules: trade fight with U.S.?
CJD from liver or albumin: your choice
Can nvCJD be shown dietary?
CJD victim's wife calls for public inquiry
EU official ordered to retire after claims of withholding data
BSE Surveillance In The United States: An Update

Latest victim of CJD lived near 'mad cow' farm
Judo champion dies from CJD

Scientist uses computer to test for early dementia
Important new BSE epidemic estimates published
Dermatitis blamed on cows
Dutch slaughter 5 million diseased pigs

Worry Over Mad Cow Risk Prompts Slaughtering Method
Stunning scatters brain tissue through body
Humane slaughter review
Gap in Mad Cow firewall?
Swiss report two new cases of mad cow disease
Tracking cattle online
UK may seek to lift EU beef ban for N. Ireland
Speculation on origins of BSE: rendered meat from Africa?

Germany says seized beef is illegal British import
EU farm ministers were today accused of 'wasting precious time'
Blair Welcomes EU Beef Deal
Survey shows lax abattoir control
1716 BSE cases for first half of 1997
Britain fights to widen anti-BSE controls
Margaret Thatcher, 'industry knows best,' and the BSE epidemic
Mad Cow Disease Epidemic Slowing Down?
New EU hygiene measures against 'mad cow' disease
Europe bows to UK pressure over BSE controls
EU votes narrowly for stricter food safety rules
EU seeks more BSE safety measures
U.S. meat inspection law criticized

Not one US cow offered to BSE test program
Britain heads for BSE showdown with Europe
Cunningham ready to impose beef ban
IM Pattison recalls 50 years of scrapie research
John Pattison's views on nvCJD epidemic
Swiss blood donor had brain-wasting disease
Beef sales up in UK
Doctor dies of CJD
EC to override vets, require more food safety
So where is the 1991 dog study or the cat prion sequence?
Scrapie, Norwegians, and the eating of 'smalahove'

Cheating meat companies named and closed
July 7 Official nvCJD statistics
Still no trend discernible in new-variant CJD incidence, say experts.
Power plant incineration `carries negligible CJD risk'
BSE may spread horizontally
Beef mafia feeds off EU subsidies
Syndicate of British army troops involved in the beef scam?
Outrage over beef fraudsters
Fraudsters in mad cow export scandal
UK probes smuggling claim
Mad cows and smugglers
Egypt bans import of beef from Belgium

Beef ban may last extra year
Lacey's new book: Red, Yellow and Blue make White
FDA compliance guide for Small Entities, including producers
Realities of the offal ban
Do other countries under-report their BSE?
Victory for McDonald's after Dave and Goliath libel fight?
Burger giants urged to lift British beef ban
Large grant to probe scrapie
Florida outbreak raises questions about CJD incidence

nvCJD Statistical Update
Swedes pull nerves, organs out of cosmetics, leave in human food
Swedish farmers oppose gross practises of Irish beef
Irish Beef products to be computer-traceable
Dutch blame imported feedstuffs for their BSE
Scientists reject plan to ease British beef ban
Animal hauliers face ban on animal cruelty
Trade-offs on pig brain transplants to humans
Texas mad cow infections spur action
What is UK doing with its TSE-positive sheep?
Under-reporting of BSE in other countries
Strain-typing update

FDA: ok to still sell TSE-positive material
UK to finally slaughter TSE-positive sheep
Pig-to-people brain implants
FDA bans animal parts in livestock feed
FDA talk paper
FDA commentary
FDA Rules Called "Deceptive, Inadequate"
Consumers Union Criticizes FDA Decision on Mad-Cow-Disease Rule
Open letter to food safety inspector
Off-site:June 1997 Publication of Final Rule (303k)

Yeast Press Release
Latest on yaest Psi fibrils

Journal Watch
CJD drugs on distant horizon
Bovine collagen replacement
ABC on CJD: the transcript
BSE Inquiry on May 17
Downer cows and CJD
Pork bellies soar
Your FDA comments due
News from S. Dealler
April News
Evidence for mad pigs
More on mad pigs
Mad migrating salmon?
Mad cows and Americans

Problems with Prion Theory?
Epidemic: no end in sight
Cow to Calf Infection Proven
Is Scrapie Transmittable to humans?
BSE transmitted to other animals
Scrapie in sheep embryos
Dateline: CJD, bone meal, roses

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