December 1997 News
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BSE and CJD News for December 1997

23 Dec 97 - Britain starts probe of mad cow disease
22 Dec 97 - Inquiry announced
14 Dec 97 - Full text of MAFF Minister Jack Cunningham's statement to Parliament
23 Dec 97 - BSE Inquiry: profile of the Judge
23 Dec 97 - Beef farmers urged to quit after #85m emergency deal
23 Dec 97 - Hill farmer in front line of the beef crisis
22 Dec 97 - France finds 31st mad cow case
24 Dec 97 - Another CJD case misdiagnosed as Alzheimer

17 Dec 97 - Pig, chicken feedback loop closed
19 Dec 97 - Nationwide shortage of antibody medicine
18 Dec 97 - BSE-type agents could be carried in blood
14 Dec 97 - Recalls, quarantine create gamma globulin shortage
16 Dec 97 - Watchdog 'didn't tell' health dept about mad cow blood
18 Dec 97 - Fear of CJD justifies lawsuit
15 Dec 97 - Farmer Martin Hayes has died from CJD
17 Dec 97 - Butchers defy beef ban amid wider backlash
20 Dec 97 - British government says beef ban has teeth
13 Dec 97 - Drop that steak or we shoot
17 Dec 97 - 10,000 badgers to be culled in trial to save cattle

16 Dec 97 - CJD blood products given to 3,000 patients
16 Dec 97 - Downing Street rib joint (151 lbs) ends in dustbin
16 Dec 97 - Retaliation: Britain puts health ban on EU beef
14 Dec 97 - Doctors planning CJD screening test
14 Dec 97 - CJD research chief denies screening plan report
14 Dec 97 - Screening already funded and started
13 Dec 97 - Maff interference with scientific investigations
13 Dec 97 - Irish blood product withdrawn after 250 injected
13 Dec 97 - Ireland starts to track down patients in new mad cow scare
13 Dec 97 - Portugal to screen blood to reduce CJD risk
15 Dec 97 - U.S. limits livestock, product imports in BSE rule
15 Dec 97 - E.U. Commission 'Seriously Regrets' U.S. Beef Import Move
13 Dec 97 - USDA: Live ruminant imports from Europe restricted
12 Nov 97 - What we have been fed

14 Dec 97 - Health chiefs launch mass screening for CJD
12 Dec 97 - Professor advises against beef or lamb for children
11 Dec 97 - Cunningham rejects EU call for lamb on bone ban
11 Dec 97 - New danger is lamb on bone, say scientists
11 Dec 97 - Ban: EU scientists call for inclusion of other meats
10 Dec 97 - EU: Plans for US beef deal thrown out
10 Dec 97 - CJD risk to humans
08 Dec 97 - Alert over tools used in CJD operation
07 Dec 97 - New chainsaw could have averted beef ban
05 Dec 97 - Beef aid move as crisis grows
05 Dec 97 - BSE: Industry fearful as Seac steps into the limelight
04 Dec 97 - Farmers voice their despair at latest government move
04 Dec 97 - Tests on infected cattle led to decision
04 Dec 97 - Doubt raised over pet food
04 Dec 97 -Beef crisis as meat on the bone banned
04 Dec 97 - BSE: UK plans to ban beef on bone after link
04 Dec 97 - BSE: New safety measure leads to increased confusion
04 Dec 97 - BSE: More bad news for farmers and meat eaters
04 Dec 97 - BSE: Powerful sense of d»j vu for EU partners
04 Dec 97 - Picking over the bones
04 Dec 97 - Beef trade: EU gesture to US on 'mad cow' rules
04 Dec 97 - At last! A full scale inquiry into the beef ban shambles
04 Dec 97 - Beef on bone banned over CJD fears
03 Dec 97 - Beef on the bone banned in new crisis
03 Dec 97 - CJD victims will remain on donor list
02 Dec 97 - CJD case prompts organ transplant review
02 Dec 97 - CJD test on eye donor six months after grafts
01 Dec 97 - Health alert after eyes of CJD victim are transplanted
01 Dec 97 - CJD case prompts organ transplant review

Professor advises against beef or lamb for children
Pet food science censored by MAFF
CJD family files criminal charges of attempted murder
New chainsaw could have averted beef ban
Why the ban? "Are we being told the whole story?
Just how safe is Irish beef?

Scientists add to doubts on lamb
British Butchers Launch Petition Drive Against Beef Ban
Farmers in uproar over lamb-on-bone ban threat
E.U. Scientific Panel Recommends Banning Some Sheep Parts
EU fails at latest mad cow control effort
Cunningham rejects EU call for lamb on bone ban
Commission takes wait-and-see approach to surprise UK beef ban
Iranian ban on Irish beef: Dublin's relations with Tehran
Beef on the bone Q & A
Swiss chewing over own ban on beef on the bone
Food industry backlash over 'lunatic' measures

Cattlemen's suit against Oprah to trial
Black market in T-bone steaks and oxtail to flourish
Pub defies bone police
U.K. Govt Consulting On Beef Ban
Beef ban terms spelled out
Hooray for meat irradiation
People infected by surgical instruments?
Medicine prize winner says his doubters are on wrong track
Chirac to lose favorite meal
Wisconsin researcher helped corral mad cow disease

nvCJD blood goes out to 46 countries
Inquiry ordered after organ donor found to have CJD
White blood cells could carry human equivalent of mad cow disease
Britain's ban of beef on bone
Infectivity of blood, meat, peripheral nerves long known
Bovine dietary supplements: UK to US
'Swallowing Anything: The Hype Behind Alternative Remedies'
US drug companies don't want Europe's Mad Cow Move
Irish firm claims mad cow test breakthrough

Beef on bone banned over CJD fears
Chefs say ban is ridiculous
Doubts about pet food
Tests on infected cattle led to decision
MAFF statement on BSE and bones in the Commons
Growing militancy by cattle farmers
Prof.Lacey: "too little, too late"
Scientists' warning over certain beef cuts
Beef ban stuns farmers
Vampire calves OK in UK
Meat irradiation questions
Anglo-Irish talks in bid to end beef blockade
Chefs take stock as customers refuse to swallow scare stories
Shoppers rush to buy banned cuts of beef
Help planned for farms hit by beef ban

Luxembourg mad cow was fed with Belgian feed
Mad cow disease spreads across Europe
Luxembourg reports first case of BSE
Tory handling of BSE crisis to go before public inquiry
Canned mad cow beef found in Iraq
USA Today special on mad cow risks in US
Beef on the bone sales set for ban
Ban Remains On New Pharmaceuticals
European commission endorses changes to srm/tallow ban

Health alert after eyes of CJD victim are transplanted
CJD case prompts organ transplant review
Test on eye donor six months after grafts
Hemophilia doctors fear 'mad cow' contamination in blood stocks
CJD Voices: US families organize
More cheetahs dead in France
New Yorker piece: mad cows and angry scientists
Emerging epidemics: Washington Post essay
This mad pig went to market
40 tonnes of beefburgers tipped into the sea
Irradiation of meats approved

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