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February 1997 General News Archive

Early March News

11 Mar 97 - Radio tags may help to end beef ban
10 Mar 97 - CJD cure and BSE testing
10 Mar 97 - Labour steps up attack on food safety
10 Mar 97 - Hogg misled MPs in BSE carcase row
09 Mar 97 - Hogg in fresh furore over meat safety
08 Mar 97 - EU nations 'failing' over BSE controls
05 Mar 97 - BSE: Milk ruled out as conduit for infection
05 Mar 97 - Private cash backs Dolly sheep clones
05 Mar 97 - EU scientists agree that British milk is safe
04 Mar 97 - Pig manure dumped at Hogg home
01 Mar 97 - How now, mad cow
01 Mar 97 - BSE poses no risk
01 Mar 97 - Euro Commissioner gaff
01 Mar 97 - Heretical theory
01 Mar 97 - Holes in the brain
01 Mar 97 - EC health chief's gaffe on beef ban

Miscellaneous February News

BSE cull storage risk to health
McDonald's sales crisis
Scientists getting corrupted
Top prices for BSE-free beef
Economic costs of BSE
Dissecting sheep -- how safe is biology class these days?
Should CJD be made a 'notifiable disease?'
MAFF Enforcement Bulletins available online
Update on total cases of BSE
BSE danger from meningitis Vaccine?
Scientists getting corrupted

Feb 23 . . EP BSE Inquiry (long!)

Feb 22 . . News Lowpoints
Natural bovine cannibalism
Mad cows stack up
Irish deliberately inoculate cows with BSE
Poachers butcher deer herds
Fischler is stripped of food safety role
Irish cases escalate
Will MBM really be incinerated?

Feb 18 . . Research update

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