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January 1997 General News Archive

Jan 31 ... Miscellaneous News
Hogg backs food safety moves
Unilever to sell off chemicals business
Dalgety blames BSE for setback
Move to restore confidence after BSE
mad cow report 'biased'
It's all been downhill since we invented the plough
Government incompetence Certified offal-free burgers
Viewpoint: The BSE crisis
Miscellany from S. Dealler

Jan.26 .. Huge Human Death Toll Expected
CJD experts fear 80,000 new cases
Predicting the CJD epidemic in humans
100,000 human cases predicted
Epidemic or false alarm?
Analysis of the Predictions- R. Heynkes
Woman may be 15th CJD victim
Call for watchdog as CJD toll hits 15
Case Study of 440 CJD Victims
Modelling epidemics: S. Neilson

Jan.23 .. Human Tonsil Test
Diagnosis of new variant CJD by tonsil biopsy
Tonsil test hope for CJD
Tonsil test may give early warning of CJD
New test offers diagnosis of CJD
Dutch tonsil study in sheep
Diagnosis and incidence of prion disease
Lancet Article: Diagnosis of new variant CJD by tonsil biopsy
Early diagnosis of CJD

Jan.18 .. Bad News for Germany
German woman, 41, possible nvCJD death
Earlier German death not announced
BSE: German concerns deepen
Mad cow cull for Germany
Beef aims to put its mark on burgers
Move to restore confidence after BSE
Breeders oppose slaughter of cattle

BSE in Germany: What happened?
Germany to cull cows over BSE case
BSE: Bonn orders cull following first case
New German mad cow case
BSE deaths herald crisis in Germany
German BSE case: account of Roland Heynkes
Scrapie in Norway

Jan.16 .. Ireland Update
Checks on BSE impress delegate from Egypt
Egyptian ban on live cattle to continue
Northern Ireland farmers severely tested by BSE crisis
Ireland goes after cattle smugglers
Protest planned over slaughter of calves
8 Letters from Irish Correspondents from Dealler's site

Jan.15 .. Political Uproar
Senior scientist attacks media on mad cow reports
Burns Night haggis hit by beef ban in Europe
EU puts damper on Burns night
British beef: Britain accused of blackmail
Farmers reject cattle passports
Hogg dismisses BSE law threat
Hogg sparks fresh row by dismissing EU legal threat
Santer: European food safety changes planned
Government accused of concealing seriousness of BSE outbreak
EU accuses Britain of beef blackmail
Britain accused of negligence in 'mad cow' crisis
Fear of eating beef
Dorrell rejects call for food agency
BSE: Brussels attacked on conduct of campaign

Jan.06 .. FDA: too little, too late
FDA: too little, too late
EU Report Highly Critical
Full text of FDA proposed rules -- all 253K of it.
Louping ill update
Faulty protein linked to ALS

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