March 1997 Archive
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BSE and CJD News for March 1997

The case for mad pigs in the US
Response of Dr. Janice Miller
Dietary CJD risk factors: hot dogs, pork chops, scrapple, roast lamb
'Deadly Feast' by Richard Rhodes

First Dutch BSE case
First reported case of BSE in the Netherlands
CJD infectivity of blood reported
VA hospitals look for transmission by blood
Squirrel brains and CJD
Hogg lies about carcass disposal
First anniversary: Deaths from new CJD strain 'may run to thousands'
Kuru brain update
nvCJD victims family to sue the British Government
Neurologists See Risk In Unlabeled Blood Reagent
Court case threat over beef labelling
Financial Times bashes MAFF
Britain finally agrees to label its export beef
Yet another isolated case of E. coli from minced beef

Pigs-to-people: 20 million dead
Species barrier for CJD? Killer flu came from pigs
First Genes Isolated From the Deadly 1918 Flu Virus
Original article on 1918 Influenza Virus

Diagnosing nvCJD
Referred vs. diagnosed nvCJD
Reporting data from CJD Unit
New imaging diagnostic tool for CJD
What all can CJD be mis-diagnosed as?
Cyclosporin: can it stop mitochondrial death, Alzheimer, CJD?
Accuracy of the clinical diagnosis
Are prion diseases always transmissable?

March Science News
Upcoming Articles of interest
Prion gene intron alleles and diagnosis of sporadic CJD
Repeat diseases: repeat not involved in oligomerization

CJD buried in Alzheimer?
How much Alzheimer is really CJD?
How good are neurologists at diagnosis anyway?

Dateline: CJD, bone meal, roses
14.3.97 Dateline documentary on BSE in the US
Abstracts relevent to Dateline show
Mystery of CWD in US deer, elk explained?
Is US gov't trying very hard to document US BSE?
Backgrounder on Bone Meal
Dr. Richard Marsh is not ill with CJD
Secret TSE epidemic in US pigs questioned.
Victims Association concerned about US blood supply