November 1997 News Archive
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BSE and CJD News for November 1997

CJD tests after tragic coma teenager dies
Blood supply trade-off: less CJD, more AIDS and hepatitis
Mad Cow USA authors respond to London Times misquote
Parents win right to claim CJD damages
nvCJD: future trends not predictable yet
Fatal brain illness seen as long as 16 years after graft
Risks of nvCJD blood transmission
Shakeup at EC after coverup scam
Does the CDC understand CJD?

From cannibal to vampire
Jury is out on blood plasma sources
Statement from Belgium authorities
U.S. restricts food imports from Belgium
Antibiotics in animal food have EU states worried
Eat nuts instead of meat or cheese, study suggests
UCSF group hits bottom
River guardians call for ban on sheep dips
Post-exposure prophylaxis after accidental prion inoculation

London Times: US herds 'carrying mad cow disease'
EU To Exempt Some Pharmaceuticals From Meat Rule
US says threat of mad cow trade war averted
CDC study released on dura mater CJD, blood products
Chronic wasting disease update
Belgium changes system after madcow feed mistake
Polish case of nvCJD?
BSE report sees progress on EU science advice
Scientist fears CJD in blood reserves

Health probe into CJD transplant'
CJD link to blood clot products
Recycled blood may ease fears over BSE
BSE ban threat to medicine supplies
US herds 'carrying mad cow disease'
Scientist fears CJD in blood reserves
Blood cells thought to transmit human BSE
BSE cow exported as fodder in Belgian blunder
Scientists find test for CJD agent
SEAC recommends blood supply testing
New test for early diagnosis of CJD
BSE: Minister attacks Brussels over beef ban
BSE found in Belgian herd
Exposure to BSE began in 1980
Experts at odds over dangers of eating red meat
CJD may have killed fitness fanatic
Animal offal: Brussels may outlaw sheep and veal brains
Ban on beef may be lifted early in 1998
Check on CJD blood donors
Don't panic over CJD cases, blood donors told
BSE study wins Nobel prize
Nobel Prize awarded for research into CJD agent
New cattle cull could end ban on British beef
EU judge upholds British beef ban
Britain 'may face new wave of CJD cases'
New evidence underlines CJD link with beef

Blood cells thought to transmit human BSE
Pattison fears CJD in blood reserves
Doctor warns of CJD risk in British blood supply
Report of the SEAC Meeting on 24 October 1997
Israeli fetuses may be tainted by 'mad cow' protein
Another nvCJD blood recall
World needs cross-species transplants?
Supreme Court denies Alzheimer feeding appeal
Public awareness study
WTO asked to back beef hormone ban
U.S. ``won't stand idly by'' if EU mad cow ban stands
First mad cow case surfaces in Belgium
Swiss detect another 'mad cow' case
BeefAmerica plant allowed to reopen
Ethical questions about Alzheimer's
Dealler: are nvCJD victims ok as US blood donors?
Second nvCJD donor blood products recall

Fetuses may have been grown on 'mad-cow' protein
Hospitals haven't informed expectant mothers of infected protein
EU drugs firms urge special exemption on mad cow ban
BSE cow exported as fodder in Belgian blunder
Drugs chiefs pressure for deal with EU on madcow ban

The BeefAmerica recall
BeefAmerica beef plant closed
Upton Sinclair: The Jungle -- fulltext
Butcher off scot-free on world's worst E coli outbreak
Boy, 3, dies from food-poisoning by E. coli
Meet Emma Bonino, Commissioner of the European Union
UK: 54,000 sick cows eaten early on
Scrapie outbreak in bighorn sheep rumored
Huge amounts of livestock manure a threat to natural balance
New Book: Dietary and Lifestyle Guidelines to Reduce Risk
Alzheimer's treatment having effects in rats

Six CJD victims had donor cards, says TV programme
Ban on beef may be lifted early in 1998
Ken Bell plea on Narang research
Irradiation for beef likely, official says

U.S. panel urges blood recalls of CJD victims
Spin doctor claim over playing down cjd danger
FDA to gelatin industry: choose healthy herds
Nobel winner links mad cow disease to change in feed making
Meat industry pushes irradiation
Canada Red Cross gives alert on blood products
Hunt on for 3 more blood donors
Canadian Red Cross home page says ....
Mad cow disease: New Studies Affirm BSE-Human Link
Latest results are the strongest yet to link nvCJD with BSE
Gene tests offered to UK public
Hong Kong on alert because of deadly beef scare
Ailing Reagan forgets he was president

Eat veggies and avoid cancer, experts say
UK gov't report links red meat and cancer
Brain grafts could pass on disease - U.S. panel
Physicians want chicken manure out of cattle feed
Iowa students striken by E. coli outbreak
Go-ahead likely for full BSE inquiry
Another plant recalls tainted hamburger
Coming soon, the cow with low cholesterol

Mad cow link to CJD said proved
Britain may face 2nD and 3rd waves of CJD cases
New evidence underlines CJD link with beef
New Evidence Dispels Doubt on Mad Cow Disease
Collinge val/val mice dead
More evidence links mad cow disease to human disorder
Families demand compensation
Caution urged on Bruce study -- Roland Heynkes
France: "Thousands of tons of British beef are being sold illegally"
USDA to inspect another plant after E. coli found in ground beef
Incinerators ... are operators following the rules?
Britain suffers setback on beef ban
$200 billion spent per year on Alzheimer's
UK Chicken 'poisoning 500,000 a year'

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