September 1997 News Archive
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BSE and CJD News for October 1997

Mutant beef breakthrough
British government recommends: Cut back on red meat
Meat scare report withdrawn
Public not told about meat recalls, records show
Official USDA meat recall home page: 1990-1997 ... offsite
18 tons of bad beef sold to Koreans
Europe-US battle over beef hormones

FDA open mike
Cunningham pledge on beef ban
EU targets unnamed German firm in BSE probes
Cunningham pledge on beef ban
E.U. Fischler Rules Out U.S. Exemption From Meat Rules
EU's planned tallow import ban unscientific - U.S.
Illegal exports threaten hope of easing beef ban
EU to appeal WTO hormone ruling
Paul Brown JAMA article
Narang sues ex-employers in `mad cow' dispute
CWD and hunters square off in Colorado

Husband-to-wife CJD
3 cases now of unconfirmed nvCJD in Florida
Americans' love affair with hamburgers
Update on UK nv-CJD victims
Flowery plaques reported in Japanese dura mater case
U.S. Takes Steps to Avoid Mad Cow Disease

New book: "Mad Cow U.S.A. Could the Nightmare Happen Here?"
EU Scientists: No Guarantee US is BSE-Free
Time for beef irradiation?
USDA to send investigators to slaughterhouses
U.S. hopes Europe mad cow plan does not hurt exports
Proposals to partially ease UK beef ban approved
Government urged to allow pig transplants

CJD risk 'is trebled by eating beef regularly'
Mystery deepens on report itself
CJD epidemiology sub-group announced
Maff's real agenda with subcommittee
EU warns Britain on illegal beef sales
Health, animal welfare boost vegetarians in Britain

nvCJD in Florida?
Hansen's report on Florida CJD case
New style CJD sufferers demand public probe
News from Steve Dealler's site
Experts to watch for signs of CJD epidemic
Grisly progress of the new CJD

Ban on bull semen, embryos
Open season on squirrels
Baby squirrels dying from tremors
Animal-derived proteins banned in dairy feeds
European Ban May Hurt U.S. Exports

New CJD victim had Saturday job in butcher's
British nvCJD Cases: Summary to 6 Sept 97
nvCJD Geographic Clustering to Sept 3 97
Zoo animal victims
Sept 24 meeting: CJD transmission by blood transfusion
Book review of Deadly Feasts
Hudson denies recalled beef going to tacos and pizza
Canada bans some rendered products
Does Germany under-report BSE?
Does Ireland under-report BSE?
Swiss report two new cases of mad cow disease
E.U. Scientists Consider U.S. Tallow Ban Appeal
US Industry sees minimal risk in tallow
EU official says food checks outdated
EU to appeal WTO ruling on hormone-treated meat
Livestock desertification threatening one-third of Earth's surface
Vegetarian cooking moves to front burner

Risks from BSE via Environmental Pathways
Burning Rendered Products in Power Stations
Disposing of BSE Infected Cattle in Incinerators
Disposing of BSE Carcases in Landfills
Thruxted Mill Rendering Plant: Risk Assessment of Waste Water Disposal

US News & World Report: The next bad beef scandal?
Prions: smaller and meaner than a virus
Food-borne illness sickens up to 80 million Americans each year
Burger King to launch Big Mac rival
Anthrax said to be in decline
Does USDA need power to protect meat safety?
EU Directive On BSE Will Not Affect Drugs

Questionable farm feeding practices
Feedback loop could amplify rare TSE
Egypt in mad cow uproar
U.S. to get Argentine beef; Japan, Korea refuse hoof-and-mouth disease risk
Burger King pulls Hudson burgers
Germany indiganant about report it not reporting BSE cases
EU clampdown sought as British beef scare flares

Push to build incinerators for BSE cattle
Yorkshire uses charcoal cows to purify drinking water
CJD death `caused by BSE-infected beef'
Germany probing suspected import of UK beef
USDA to inspect ground meat for bone marrow, spinal cord
US cattle renderers to sue Brussels for $100m
Semen, embryos safety questioned
Most BSE cases in Europe 'are not reported'
"Most BSE cases in Europe/US/Canada/elsewhere are not reported?"
Belgian wholesaler sents out 44 tons of mystery meat
Open Letter to David Satcher of CDC
American Red Cross responds to CJD blood donor
Making CJD a 'Reportable' disease in the US
The not-so-good old days of human growth hormone
Vegetarian Kosher gelatin
USDA surprises on food safety --Glickman audio

Mad cow link to CJD said proved
Britain may face 2nD and 3rd waves of CJD cases
New evidence underlines CJD link with beef
New Evidence Dispels Doubt on Mad Cow Disease
Collinge val/val mice dead

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