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Chime viewer and install
...putting molecules on Web sites

RasMol viewer and install RasMol
...RasMol home page
...RasMol tutorial
...RasMol manual

MAGE and Prekin viewer kinemage viewer Prekin pre-processor

SwissPdb viewer Swiss viewer
...tutorials 1 ... 2
...Swiss-Flash alerting service

Swiss Java viewer

Cn3D Entrez viewer 'See in 3D'
...installing Cn3D

MolView viewer and install

WebLab: viewer and install
...tutorials and introduction

MacMolecule2 viewer and install

MolView viewer and install

Whurlwind 10d.4 VRML and 3dMF viewer and install

Other VRML and 3dMF viewers and install

Configuring your browser to see interactive 3D prion files

You were referred to this page because your Web browser doesn't have the freeware 3D viewers it needs to view prion structures in 3D stereo! It just takes a minute to d ownload and install 4-5 viewers -- each has its strengths. After downloading, unpacking, and storing these applications, you can configure your browser automaticlly for these specialized file types (eg, MIME type of RasMol and SwissPdbView are chemical/pdb) so image files will open automatically in the correct application. The companion program, Prekin 5.07, is a post-processor to pdb files.

Auto-install Mime configurations: Cn3D ... RasMol ... MAGE

Each asks you where you stored the viewer application. Find the 3 programs in turn on your local hard disk using this browse window. Your Web browser will automatically install the MIME-type and launch the 3Der view, and remember it in the future. Cn3D brings up a test structure of metallothionein.

Now you could either read a bit about each program, look at some examples, go through a friendly tutorial, go to a spectacular test page (opens to rotating molecules with custom controls, Netscape 3.03 recommended) or you could go directly to the Gallery of Prion Structures or the more advanced Gallery of Threaded Structures.

You are missing out... if you are just look at flat 2D files -- you can't rotate, resize, or select residues. Also learn to view in stereo

Briefest introduction to the Chime Viewer

Chime is available for Macintosh, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and SGI computers. It is a plug-in that allows for the visualization of molecular structures. It is freeware from MDL based on RasMol program written by Roger Sayle. Features work properly on recent versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Chime is scriptable so regions within a molecule can be highlighted and controlled from buttons.

Molecules can be rotated within Chime simply by clicking and dragging the mouse over the structure. On a Windows or SGI computer, click with the left mouse button. Experiment using the example above. Molecules can be resized by holding down the shift key while clicking and dragging the mouse; Windows and SGI users use the left mouse button. Dragging to the upper right causes the molecule to move away from you (the molecule shrinks in size), while dragging to the bottom left causes the molecule to approach you (the molecule enlarges).

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