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The following articles have been published to date, and are available in both html and pdf format. The pdf format can be read with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software . Please let me know of review topics you would like to see presented, or suggestions as to how this ejournal can be improved.
Alzheimer's Disease Review
Vol 1. No. 1/2
Spring/Summer 1996
Editorial: Welcome to Alzheimer's Disease Review
James W. Geddes, William R. Markesbery and David R. Wekstein
Page 1

Cholinergic Muscarinic Receptor Signaling by the Phosphoinositide Signal
Transduction System in Alzheimer's Disease
Richard S. Jope
Pages 2-14

Commentary: Membrane Alterations in Aging and AD: Effects on Muscarinic
Cholinergic Signal Transduction.
Jeremiah F. Kelly and George S. Roth
Pages 15-16

Commentary: Alzheimer's Disease: Melting Pot or Mosaic?
John P. Blass
Pages 17-20

Neurite-Outgrowth Regulating Functions of the Amyloid Protein Precursor of
Alzheimer's Disease.
David H. Small, Heidi L. Clarris, Timothy G. Williamson, Gullveig Reed,Brian
Key, Su San Mok, Konrad Beyreuther, Colin L. Masters and Victor Nurcombe
Pages 21-29

Commentary: Is Understanding the Biological Function of APP Important in
Understanding Alzheimer's Disease?
Tsunao Saitoh and Inhee Mook-Jung
Pages 30-36

Obituary: Tsunao Saitoh 1949-1996
Robert Katzman and Leon Thal
Page 37
Formats: HTML (5K) | PDF (10K)

Tau Protein in Normal and Alzheimer's Disease Brain.
Gail V. W. Johnson and Scott M. Jenkins
Pages 38-54
Formats: HTML (104K) | PDF (146K)

Commentary: Trying to see the wood for the trees-What Are the questions to
ask about tau in relation to neurodegeneration?
Brian H Anderton and Simon Lovestone
Pages 55-59
Formats: HTML (29K + 20K graphic) | PDF (50K)

Commentary: The Tau Enigma
Lester I. Binder
Pages 60-62

Is Alzheimer's a Disease of Oxidative Stress?
Mark A. Smith, Lawrence Sayre, and George Perry
Pages 63-67

Commentary: Alzheimer's Disease: A Disorder of Oxidative Stress
D. Allan Butterfield
Pages 68-70

Commentary: Oxidative Stress and Advanced Glycation Endproducts Parts of a
Vicious Circle of Neurodegeneration? 
Gerald Muench, Andreas Simm, Kay L. Double and Peter Riederer
Pages 71-74

Commentary: Glycoxidation in Alzheimer's Disease: A Specific Mechanism of
Early Lesion Pathogenesis?
Dennis. D. Dickson
Pages 75-76

Elevated Levels of Tau in Cerebrospinal Fluid: Implications for the
Antemortem Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
John Q. Trojanowski, Christopher M. Clark , Hiroyuki Arai, and Virginia
M.-Y. Lee
Pages 77-83

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